Energy Savings Plan

Benefits of Routine Maintenance:

  • Operate more efficiently, lowering your utility bills
  • Extends the life of your HVAC equipment, saving you money
  • Are less likely to experience failure, saving you costly repairs
  • Do a better job of keeping your home comfortable
  • Improve the air quality in your home
  • Operate safely protecting your family
  • Ensures that your warranties stay valid
  • Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment for your home's or business’s seasonal checkup!

Here are some items we typically perform on our system maintenance calls:

  • Check thermostat settings to ensure the cooling and heating system keeps you comfortable when you are home and saves energy while you are away.
  • Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components.
  • Lubricate all moving parts. Parts that lack lubrication cause friction in motors and increase the amount of electricity you use.
  • Check and inspect the condensate drain in your central air conditioner, furnace and/or heat pump (when in cooling mode). A plugged drain can cause water damage in the house and affect indoor humidity levels.
  • Check controls of the system to ensure proper and safe operation. Check the starting cycle of the equipment to ensure the system starts, operates, and shuts off properly.

Fall Tune-Up Includes:

  • Inspect filters (replacement air filters not included)
  • Inspect and adjust ignition and burner assembly (gas)
  • Inspect heat exchanger (gas)
  • Sequence electric heat, check amp draw (electric)
  • Inspect and adjust indoor blower components
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Cycle heating
  • Inspect belts
  • Lubricate all motors and nonsealed moving parts
  • Includes nozzle and oil filter

Spring Tune-Up Includes:

  • Inspect filters (replacement air filters not included)
  • Blow out condensate drain
  • Wash condenser coil
  • Measure Freon® level and fill as needed
  • Visually inspect for refrigerant leaks
  • Check supply and return air temperatures
  • Inspect electrical disconnect for proper operation
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Measure and record Volts/AMPS on motors
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Inspect safety controls (if applicable)
  • Lubricate all motors and nonsealed moving parts
  • Inspect belt

Energy Savings Plan Options

Complete: $18.99 per month/$239 annual
Fall Only: $9.99 per month/$125 annual
Spring Only: $9.99 per month/$125 annual
Mini Split/PTAC Unit: $15.99 per month/$199 annual

Oil Furnace System

Complete: $22.58 per month/$292.40 annual
Fall Only: $13.95 per month/$167.40 annual

What Else Is Included?

In addition to two free tune-ups per year, you also receive:

  • 10% discount on repairs
  • $76 diagnostic fee (reduced from $96)
  • Priority service

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